Friday, October 2, 2015

Strengths comes from the pain

Recently I met someone who had similar mind. What do we have in common?

I  guess I could say we know the pain.  We knew what pain is like.

People complain their lives. Those people who complains usually has everything, security, wealth, family, love, health, reputations and cheers...  they've got everything, still they complain.
They are busy acting like they are the victim.

Victims of whom? They are the victims of low self-esteem... because one thing they don't have is, diligence.They just don't work hard. Therefore they never gain the self-esteem in a true sense.

What comes within comes within.

The strength comes within comes from the experience in pain.

Just like if you want to be good and tough in the mountains, you have to put yourself in a situation, only the experience makes you stronger and get you ready for the route of your dreams.

If you don't want to train yourself, then you are short of the route. You'll get hurt in the mountains. You must be able to listen to the whisper of warning from it.

The strength is build when you make a right decision. So make a right decision.

The life is short. It is important to spend the time that is worth spending.

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