Sunday, December 18, 2016

Tateshina Mountain

 This blog is supposed to be about free climbing...

I started mountain in snow.

Then, moved onto hiking in green season.

I was not much into it.

I then started ice climbing.

Then, rock climbing.

Then, free climbing.

Now I mostly do free climbing and it is the source of my joy.

I felt climbing move is same as walking in the snow. You push your hip forward.

In ice season, I like to do Ice.

As long as I do Ice, I feel OK.

It was a big disappointment that I could not climb the last Thursday and was sad.

So this mountain in a bright sunny day, was make-up for the disappointment.

This mountain was soooo beautiful and it was great to have a new friend with me.

 My husband was a bit out of practice so I choose the mountain that is not too hard...

3 hours of climb and 2 hours of down hill.

It was so beautifull in the mountain.

I feel like I want to keep looking at the snow mountain and keep walking like forever.

 The fairy tale world came in real.

I was glad I could show the mountain to anybody for the first time climb.

Especially somebody from outside of Japan, since I can show the beauty of my country.

 On our way back, we of course had a good soak in Onsen(spa).

We also had Soba noodle, which was made from 100% domestic soba flour grown organic.

Soba 1600 yen,
Onsen(Kosai no Yu) 700 yen

I enjoy free climbing but in free climbing I usually don't walk long distance so my feet are getting weaker and I needed to walk for the winter mountain project.

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