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Hiker's profile  Moto and Kinny

Since we moved into Kofu in 2009, Yamanashi prefecture, one of the climber's paradise in Japan, my husband Moto and I  started Mountain Climbing as a weekend activity. 

The nature of Japan is beautiful, generous and plenty.

Kinny has been in San Francisco, the U.S. when she was younger and she knows the land there is dry. She knows several other countries beside there, but most of them were more or less dry, compared to Japan.

Moto and Kinny's high season is winter. She especially loves the snowy mountains in sunny day.

The mountains are so beautiful that she can not help being awed.  The God made this earth so gracefully and beautifully.

How could we ruin such a beautiful place by the name of developments?

She truly thinks this earth is the miracle, and being able to live on this beautiful earth is another miracle.  We are all lucky ones!

Kinny now climb 5.10 b on free.  So far she prefers to climb outdoors than indoors, multi-pitch climbing and trad climbing, also ice climbing.

She is also a big fan of Sawa nobori, i.e. shower climbing, which is Japanese style climbing in water.

Moto loves to utilize his special skills, computers and programming,  to the mountains. He is also good at making a camp fire. Recently both joins orienteering.


Kinny had been in San Francisco when she was younger so she is fluent in English. Moto does not speak English, but just as happy as she, to have guests.  Anybody who wants to climb or hike Japanese mountains are most welcome!

Types of climbing
  • Hiking 
  • Variation routes by map reading
  • Rock Climbing in Ogawayama and the other cragging area
  • Ice climbing for beginners
  • Technical routes for beginners 
  • Shower climbing
Moto and Kinny both are software engineers. Kinny teaches yoga.


1シーズン目 雪山10回
2シーズン目 13回
3シーズン目 16回
4シーズン目 26回
5シーズン目 17回 春山1回
6シーズン目 14回
7シーズン目 35回(ほぼアイス)

Ice Climbing in Minamisawa Kotaki.

I love this picture!

Hirogawara sawa samata in Yatsu

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