Monday, September 9, 2013

Day 4 in Hakuba

Day 4, the route included the most difficult rocky area Yatsumine Kiretto, so I had to leave early.

9 hours walking was not short but not too long for me, I have done longer trail than this.

Too many people.... they are walker on tour not personal traveller

can you see people coming toward? 

It was foggy all day long but it was just fine... since I knew sunny day is rather rare in this area...
Foggy is norm.  Wind was strong and I had to pay attention to it but it was not as strong as I could not walk... usually winds get mild as sun raises.

at the Mt. Goryu peak


wild flowers

thick fog

wind still strong...

check point Kitaone no Atama

also Kuchino sawa no col (saddle back)

chock stone


another Hut


Start of Yatsumine Kiretto


check point. Mt Kashima Yari South peak

large snow gorge I can see.

Perhaps I can climb in early winter or late spring?



my pack seem too big

From South peak, it is more relaxed trail... wonderful sceneries...


Today's tent site.

My tent 



from my tent

Kashima Yari... in the morning.

deep creeks... Jyuji kyou...

People enjoying themselves.

Taneike hut



Be careful!

nice trail otherwise

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