Monday, September 9, 2013

Day 2 in Hakuba, from Hakuba to Tengu pound

Today, Kofu is very sunny and merry, the air is comfortable and I am doing a lot of laundry... feeling happy. I should try to translate but my English is just out of practice, I have lost passion for English speaking for I don't need this skill right now... I hardly ever spoke English. My passion for now is
focused on the mountains  I read about it, I think about it, I walk on it. Spent long hours thinking and planning.

English was only a tool for me from a beginning... still it is imperfect tool,  but I have lot a passion of perfecting it, since my aim is to communicate with people, not English it self. So I welcome any questions for this trip if you are English speaker and need information on this routes, i.e, bus fair and others...  Japanese version I wrote precisely but this English version, expected readers are my friends overseas so they are not interested in those info.

Day 2 in the trip.

This is the test site of Hakuba chojo Hut,

no tent yet this day

this is Hakuba sansou a huge mountain hut almost like hotel.

Dining room.

a lot of goods sold

I was hurrying to the next destination since I want to finish the day's walk by early afternoon.

Thunderstorm could often hit in mountains in Japan, after 14:00 pm.

Finally I am on the top of the mountain and the route from here is connecting peaks to peaks. as you can see.

The land of Japan is made really by mountains... endlessly you can see only ridges...
looking back where have walked

snow left a lot even in the end of August
I have reached Mt.Shakushi soon, but forgotten to take a photo.


The weather getting foggy, as the forecast said.

see the trail and the other side was steep cliff

Foggy but fog run fast
This is the sumit of Mt. Hakuba Yari, at 13:00 pm.

2903 m altitude.

like this

I am fascinated by this kind of scenery.
A train signs says the average course time. NOT a distance. It is Time.

Tengu Pound Hut
This is the Tengu Hut.

I arrived at Tengu Hut around past 14:30. I like the site very much!  Small and friendly hut it was.

My tent in a flowers... 

Cooking area for travelers. Open for 24 hours.
You can use the front room to cook and eat.

Says "You must go home safely"

Some people die by slipping off from the trails in this route... so if you are not fit and confident 
enough, you are not well prepared for this route, Kaerazu no Ken...
They sell many drinks including draft beer 800 yen.


In Japan, we use Gas, not a Gasoline.


machine sold! 

free water

water source

Tengu pound.  so small and tiny!

a fox!

I never knew a fox could live this altitude. 

I met nice people and safely get tent site...  I love to walk alone since I feel the freedom... but I welcome people to walk together.

The day 2 was nice walking... great views and I have met nice friendly people to walk with.

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