Monday, September 9, 2013

Day 3 in Hakuba

I was made to awake by the thunder storm in the day 3 in Hakuba... it was before 4 in the morning.

I rushed to the hut.... I think I was the only one who run into the hut, because of the thunder... the sound of the thunder seemed so close, but it was getting far and far... the rain was heavy... I put everything in my pack, leaving my tent and grand-sheet,  and heated my breakfast in the safe place in a hut.

Waiting for the rain to stop, it was nice clear sun came up from the clouds covering the towns under our feet....

Sun rise

So happily we are heading off
It was wonderful beautiful site given from the god of mountains....

It would be nice to have a helmet to protect from the rocks.
you can see the circle of rainbow.... 

Far away you can see Tateyama and Turugi mountain. 


This is Kaerazu no Ken

It is not easy trail but there are a lot of stance and hold if you are a climber.  Not at all difficult.

70 years old or even 80 years old people are challenging in this trail in Japan. But I would not recommend to do so, I saw  a helicopter this day,  Japanese are die-wishing as they can look.

You have to be fit and healthy and have finished beginner's rock climbing basics.

dry and slipperry...

Finally at Mt.Kramatsu  at 10:30 am.

Lagopus muta

taking photo of the rock  ptarmigan
This is Karamatsu Hut Enterance. It got foggy so fast, saying good bye to the people I walk with, I hurry to the another destination Goryu hut where I should be putting up my tent tonight.

Looks cold but no so much
 This is another difficult part of the trail called "Ushi kubi" (a neck of ox) People could die fell off from this kind of place so be careful.


This is a camera to watch the wild animals

Summer is ending...

A bird thrown what his eaten on tip of my feet...  

 I arrived Goryu hut a bit past 13:00 took me 2 hours to get to there from Karamatsu hut.

 I put up my tent as soon as I arrived.

The tent site was very windy because of the location.

The wind blow from North, Kurobe side from South, Nagano side, mostly in this area and the tent site is in Kurobe side.

as a resul this is very windy site. In evening, even started rain...

I had to put down my tent in a windy rain next morning...

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