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Mt.Mitsutouge / Alpine rock

Mt.Mitsutouge as a practice field

Mt. Mitsutouge has a lot of faces,  known at first, for a wild flower which you can only see in this mountain. Also, known for a great view of Mt.Fuji, ice climbing, rock climbing, and shower climbing. This makes the place a popular destination for all the people, from beginners to veteran climbers.

For rock climbers, Mitsutouge is always a practice field to challenge the alpine routes other higher mountains such as Hodaka in North Japanese Alps. The serious mountaineers in Japan, usually sets his/her schedule on Mitsutouge at first thing in the alpine climbing season, so you can start the season smoothly.

So Mitsutouge is an another word for alpine climbing. You, of course, have to practice your rope work before you go to the  routes in mountains in high altitude, but also, Mitsutouge is a good place to introduce the ropework for a beginners. Mitsutouge, or Touge in short, among the climbers, is suitable for this use.

However, even if you do not intend to do rope practice, this rock climbing fields offers a great view of Mt.Fuji behind the climber. Since is is the place used for practice, the routs is not at alll difficult. Grade III to VI is what they offer. (See Grade system here) All you have to take care in Mitsutouge is rock fall. The rock fall by rope dragging could hit a hiker way down below the climber. Don't cause the rock fall.

Except for that you will enjoy great view and a fun climbing.

There are two huts in this mountain, Mitsutouge sansou and Shikirakuen. The Shikirakuen is the hut usually climbers and climbing guides hang around.

Mitsutouge has only 1785 meter height, so in the mid summer it is too hot to climb on, the best season is Spring or Fall, i.e. May to November, except for a humid hot day.

The most popular are Chuou kante (central kante) in Byoubu Rock Right face. There are a lot of routes so consult with topo. The most famous topo book in Japan is called Nihon 100 Iwaba.(Japanese 100 rock sites).


view of Mt.fuji

Alternative Destination

If you come to crag in Mitsutouge and unfortunately rained, you can just hike the mountain. The mountain has several hiking routes. The illustrated route map is this. 

Other suggestion is to go to a indoor climbing gym. There is the only one climbing gym in this area.

Pirania Fujiyoshida

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Official Travel Guide 
This site has a map and written in English.

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